Welcome! I’m so glad that you have taken the time to come get to know me and my business! My name is Rebecca Taft, and I have spent most of my life living in Virginia but have been recently¬†transplanted to Colorado. My greatest joy in life is curling up with a good book and having an unlimited amount of time to enjoy it!

After working as a proofreader for about a year under the name Ladybug Proofing, LLC, I made the decision to expand into virtual assistant work. Due to the expansion, I felt a name change was due. But why “veridical”?¬†Veridical means truthful, veracious, and genuine. These are qualities that I aspire to apply in all areas of my life, including the type of service that I want to provide to all my clients.

Under the separate tabs above or the menus to the left, you can find information about these two different services I offer. You can also go to my LinkedIn to learn more about me. Please click around, and if you have any questions, send me an e-mail at rebecca@veridicalsupport.com.