About Me

Welcome again! I’m excited that you want to learn more about me and why I do what do.

First, a little background…

I consider myself a typical type A person who loves anything to do with organization. (I legitimately organize my bookshelves for fun. Yes, I understand that’s odd, and I’m okay with it!)

Since I was homeschooled from first grade through high school graduation, I learned from an early age how to prioritize my to-do list and just get it done. I also developed a love of learning…and reading. I read anything from Jane Austen to J.R.R. Tolkien to Jasper Fforde. If I had my way (aka, didn’t have to pay bills), I would basically spend all my time reading. If you also love to read, I love connecting with other readers. You can stalk… I mean, follow what I’m reading by connecting with me on Goodreads, link to the left.

While I’ve spent most of my life on the East Coast (Virginia and South Carolina), I did live for three years in Colorado right at the foot of the mountains. The picture to the left does NOT do those mountains justice.

Pre-Work-at-Home Career

I’ve always loved working in offices and started by volunteering in my church office a day a week when I was in middle school and LOVED it. (Are you getting how much of a nerd I am yet?) After graduating from college, I had many opportunities to provide administrative support in a variety of offices including medical and legal.

I always worked in small offices and had a lot of responsibility with organization and developing systems. For example, when I was hired to work in an attorney’s office where the previous employee had unexpectedly passed away, no one knew her organization system. Not only did I figure out her system but also continued it and added to it. There’s nothing like the sense of accomplishment of bringing order to chaos!


Eventually, I reached the point where it just made sense to explore the idea of working from home. So I started doing research, and due to my love of reading, proofreading made a lot of sense. So after completing an online course to learn how to be a proofreader for court reporters, I officially began my work-from-home journey in the summer of 2016 under the name Ladybug Proofing, LLC (yes, the name does have meaning, and there may be some blackmail-worthy photos involved).

And I loved it.

I loved the flexibility of being able to travel and keep working. I loved developing relationships with my court reporters. But I didn’t love the intensity of proofreading for eight hours a day (there was some serious eye strain, y’all).

Virtual Assistance

Expanding to include being a virtual assistant seemed to be a logical next step with my love of all things organization and administration. So I took another course and began working as a virtual assistant in addition to proofreading in the fall of 2017.

Due to the expansion, I felt a name change was due. But why “veridical”? Veridical means truthful, veracious, and genuine. These are qualities that I aspire to apply in all areas of my life, including the type of service that I want to provide to all my clients.

As a proofreader, I worked primarily by myself, but as a virtual assistant, I often got to work with a team virtually. And it was awesome! I have loved the experience of working with a team and being in the trenches together. When you wake up to an inbox of over 200 emails or get another odd (aka, hilarious) spam email from that same guy who always emails in, there’s nothing like having a team to gripe to or laugh with.

Project Management

But I still felt like I was ready to expand, so here we are in the winter of 2018. I took a course in project management and got to geek out with a bunch of other people of all the fun things you can do with the different software used in project management. There’s nothing like learning with a group of people who feel the same way!

As I have clients hand me more things that fall under the umbrella of project management, the more I enjoy it. Keeping track of details and keeping them organized are literally my dream tasks. While I’ve mostly worked with really small teams (just me and my client), moving forward, with any larger team I work on, I hope to bring the same feeling I’ve experienced on teams of camaraderie and support.

More Information

For more information about my experience and credentials with either proofreading, virtual assistance, or project management, use the menu on the left.