Here are few of things that people I’ve worked with are saying. If you would like to talk with someone about what they have said, please let me know.

Rebecca does an excellent job.  As a court reporter, it is important to understand the rules for punctuating verbatim transcripts.  She is knowledgable of these rules and understands how to apply them.  I am glad to have found a proofreader who is so easy to communicate with and who gives me the confidence that my work product is accurate and professional.

~Leah, MN

Thank you!  I will actually have a weekend – not working the whole time.  You have made my life so much easier and I feel like I’m putting out a much more professional, polished work product.

~Lin, OH

I can tell (and appreciate!) how much attention you pay to detail, and I LOVE it!    I appreciate so much that you check the first three pages (caption, appearance & index) so carefully.    Those tend to get whipped through (by me and others, too, I’m sure) quickly and mistakes are easily made there.     Also things like adding a “d” to privileged when the context of the sentence says to do that.   Awesome!

~Carolyn, MN