Virtual Assistant

Throughout my whole life, I have had a fondness for anything related to office supplies and organization. Reorganizing my bookshelves and creating Excel spreadsheets about basically anything are some of my favorite things to do. Yes, I am that nerd!

I’ve always loved working in offices and started by volunteering in my church office a day a week when I was in middle school. In recent years, I have had many opportunities to provide administrative support in a variety of offices including medical and legal and have enjoyed helping to organize those offices.

When I was hired to work in an attorney’s office where the previous employee had unexpectedly passed away, no one knew her organization system. Not only did I figure out her system but also continued it and added to it. I sincerely enjoy it and would consider it a pleasure to help and work with you!

Additionally, I enjoy getting to know the people I work with and helping them! In my years working and volunteering in medical clinics, I loved the relationships I built with the customers, and I quickly learned how to delicately deal with people who were upset.

Over the last year or so that I have worked from home, I have relished the online relationships that I have built with my clients and others within my field. Building relationships online and learning to deal with clients through email is different than doing it in person, but I have enjoyed these relationships no less than those where we met in person!